Products & Services we provide

Safety & Security Threat Assessments


Does your company require travel domestically and abroad? Do you wish to make your neighborhood safer? We can conduct safety assessments & security evaluations for anyplace in the world you may find yourself. Click below to find out how you can benefit from our safety & security services.

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Emergency Action Planning


Are you prepared for a natural/man-made disaster or hostile event? Do you have a emergency action plan?  Do you a backup plan? What is your business contnuity plan? Are you prepared for an active hostile attack? Are all your employees up to date on  the company response plans? We provide emergency action plans designed specifically for your unique needs. Click below to find out how you can benefit from our   Emergency Action Planning foremats.

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Business Intelligence, Threat Assessments Security Policy & Countermeasures


In a world where corporate espionage is a serious threat to not just you company but to our  national security, protecting intellectual property is far more important than ever before. We can identify your vulnerabilities and create plans to keep your intellectual property secure. Click below for more information on services we provide.

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Training - Self Defense


Do you have training in physical personal self-defense? Do you have a concealed weapon carry permit? Have you thought about it what it truly means to carry a weapon and the responsibilities that come with that permit? We train and provide the tools needed to make you feel more comfortable in the world we live in. We also offer non-lethal and alternative solutions to protect yourself. below for more information on what we can offer you. 

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Training - Personal Security


In a world where cyber threats are just as serious as the physical threats, taking on the responsibility of protecting your personal information can be daunting. We can help with cybersecurity tips and protection.  We strive to help you feel more  comfortable and safe in your own world. Click below for more information on how we can 

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