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Paladin Resolutions is an intelligence-based security and safety consulting firm specializing in risk mitigation, threat assessment, emergency action solutions and corporate due diligence.

The company complement is comprised of veterans from U.S. intelligence community, military special operations, federal law enforcement and private practice security professionals. 

Special operations teams approach problems with a unique mindset; they adapt, improvise, and overcome problems.  They serve as special advisers to foreign militaries & indigenous government officials and work exceptional well with other professional organizations.

Special operators focus on detail, they see the possibilities, flaws, opportunities & mistakes in everything they do.  They apply that same attention to detail when assessing their adversaries and note everything that opponent does or has done.  

The company has over 100 years of combined operational experience in 80 plus countries.  That expertise is broken down by certification, differentiators and pertinent codes.  

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Some of our specialized services include, but are not limited to:

   * Red Team - Security Assessment

   * Red Cell - Alternative Outcomes

   * Risk Assessment - Safety & Security

   * Training - Personal Security

   * Physical Security - Threat Assessment

   * Cyber Security - Scams, False Flag, Etc.

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